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This birdsong is orchestral

While on my run at 5 pm tonight the birdsong was almost deafening: 50 part harmony (is that a thing?) bordering on a cacophony. It was truly a beautiful thing.

Then, at 7 pm on my walk home from school under the cover of darkness, there was pure silence. This world is so different, yet so wonderful!



It hit me before the plane even left the runway. It’s been all about the adventure, excitement and newness of it all, but for some reason today I just really want to be home. I went for a run and unpacked, which was a good distraction, and I’m about to have pizza and dive into work, but that doesn’t change the fact that my heart is full of longing for the south shore of Lake Erie. 

Shoreline sunset mid-run

The plane that delivered me mid-afternoon made its final trip of the weekend as I finished my run.